The Rachel’s Angels trust started taking shape in 2006 when Stellenbosch University economics professor Rachel Jafta, Naspers managing director Koos Bekker, and chairman of Media24, the late Prof. Jakes Gerwel, formulated the concept for Rachel’s Angels. The need for better education of learners from previously disadvantages communities was identified. The answer; a mentorship programme that would improve the quality of education and teach social and emotional life skills to learners with the support of Stellenbosch University students acting as mentors.

Rachel’s Angels trust was launched in 2007 in association with Media24 and the University of Stellenbosch. The trust is now Media24’s largest corporate social investment project. The aim of the trust to meet a need in previously disadvantaged communities of the Western Cape. The mentorship programme is aimed at grade 11 and 12 learners, with a focus on improving academic abilities and life skills in order to help them to deal more effectively with post-matric challenges.  

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