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Anne Hirsch about being a comedian

AnneHirsch1Originally from Bloemfontein, comedian/actress/writer Anne Hirsch has been taking SA by storm with her unique way of doing things (like collecting celebrity hair locks and hugging) on YouTube, TV and radio. She's young (only 29), never sleeps it seems, BFF with Angelina Jolie (with a photo to prove it), and the Expresso Morning Show team assures me she smells very nice. Who wouldn't want to subscribe to her YouTube channel at

What interesting things has happened to you lately?
Winning Season 2 of SABC 2's So You Think You're Funny. Being able to do The Anne Hirsch Show and that people don't think it sucks! Acting in BBC's The Borrowers opposite comedy legend Stephen Fry. Being crowned one of Glamour Magazine's Women of the Year in 2013.


What did you study?
BA Drama at Stellenbosch University and Honnours and Masters in Drama at UCT

What exactly does your job require you to do?
Well, I do a variety of things. I host a weekly Youtube show called The Anne Hirsch Show where I interview SA celebs. I also play Ruuda in the weekly online 'Whats on guide to Cape Town' called FOBLO. I form part of Cape Town's improv troupe, Theatresports in which I perform improv twice a week. I'm a sketch writer at the political satire show, ZANEWS and their media communications manager. I co-host a weekly radio show at 2Oceansvibe Radio (an online radio show). I'm also a stand up comedian and avid Grey's Anatomy watcher.

AnneHirsch3How did you end up doing what you do?
I studied Drama and became more and more interested in comedy, but also our constructed identities and societies' obsession with fame. This became my subject for my Masters thesis, seeing identity as a brand in the digital/reality TV age. This all has heavily influenced my career and the kind of comedy I do and write today.

What are the pros of your job?
Flexible hours. Getting to be totally and unterrly creative all the time (this can also be exhausting). I get to meet incredibly interesting people; from the celebs on The Anne Hirsch Show to getting to write alongside inspiring people like journalist and writer Marianne Thamm. I also work with an incredible all-female production company on The Anne Hirsch Show called Zootee Studios and they inspire me every day.

What makes your job really interesting?
The people I get to work with and the crazy things they let me do. I'm in such an awesome place in my career at the moment and I'm loving it. I'll think of an idea and bounce it around with my colleagues and we'll always make it happen! It's everything I wanted when I first started studying!

AnneHirsch2What isn't all that nice about your line of work?
There's nobody telling you to get up in the morning. Don't get me wrong, this is a huge plus, but it can be tough in the middle of winter to tell yourself it's important to get up because the world needs comedy! Haha!

What would you recommend a matric learner study after school, should they be interested in pursuing the same career?
I wouldn't ever just recommend to anyone to go study drama, it really is super difficult to make it in this industry and out of the hundreds of fellow drama students that studied with me, very very few are still in the industry. But studying drama opens other doors as well. It teaches you to leave your arrogance at the door, to work together, work long hours and do it all for no money :) I reckon a good pairing with drama would be journalism or copywriting.

AnneHirsch4What other advice would you give a matric learner who wants to pursue the same career?
Always create work. Find ways, whether it's on Youtube or at your local school hall, to create your own work, all the time! Do it more than anyone else in your class and always make sure you're having fun. Take risks and don't be too proud to keep holding on to that waitering job.

What is your career/life mantra?
Failure is unimportant, it takes true courage to make a fool of yourself - Charlie Chaplin.
The guy knew what he was talking about. Never take yourself too seriously and take lots of risks!

Can we follow you somewhere?
Yes, please!
I'm on Facebook as Anne Hirsch and like our page The Anne Hirsch Show.
Also find me on Twitter, @Anne_Hirsch


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