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Written by  CAT@Goodwood College

I had the privilege of having an interview with one of our 7 Rachel's Angels. In an exclusive interview with Reshonda Lodewyk, I have learned the following.

The project is taking shape and Reshonda responds to my questions:
All identified learners are ready to commit and take part 100%

"We got the best news, we are going to attend a camp at Club Mykonos from 13 April - 15 April 2012, where we will meet up with our mentors from the University of Stellenbosch. (They are all active students and committed to this project.)

"Our mentors will then have the opportunity to get to know us and the purpose of it all is to develop our social skills, educational awareness as well as our emotional capacity to make informed decisions towards our future."

We received the letters late last week and we are so excited and we are humbled by this wonderful opportunity.

Reshonda says: "This opportunity has a big influence on how I feel about my normal school day. I am much more motivated about my school work and the opportunities that lie ahead.

We wish our 7 learners all the best of luck. This is surely an opportunity that must be cherished.

Reshonda Lodewyk Interview

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