The Media24 Rachel's Angels Empowerment Trust promotes excellence in high school education and encourages learners from all walks of life to reach for the stars and to strive for personal brilliance at all times.

Mentees are high school learners who are taught valauble life skills that will equip the to play a meaningful role in society.

Currently 140 mentees from 20 schools take part in each two year cycle.


Comments from the mentees:

Nurjaan Brinkhuis, Lückhoff Secondary School (Best mentee for the 2012|13 cycle)

"I appreciate the investment Media24 Rachel's Angels made in my life. It meant a lot to know others are interested in investing in the youth. Being part of the programme strengthened the resolve to study further after Grade 12."

Carla Moses, Lückhoff Senior Secondary School (Best Mentee of the Year 2011)

Media24 Rachel's Angels was an informative and empowering experience. It truly was an investment within my dreams and future. This mentorship program is a step in the right direction to broaden your horizons, help you grow as a person and encourage you to always choose excellence. Thank you for the measurable contribution you made towards my life RA! I am such a proud and honoured former mentee.

Shanya Batts, New Orleans Secondary School

"The Media24 Rachel's Angels programme helped to improve my vision of the future, as well as my self-confidence. It helped a lot to have someone to talk to. I learned balance my social and academic life better and to be more focussed and hard working."

Leeroy Jooste, Malibu High School

"The programme improved my self-image immensely. It gave me confidence, and taught me that it takes hard work to get somewhere in life."

Arthur Skosan, Bernadino Heights High School

"The Media24 Rachel's Angels programme made the gap between school and university much smaller for me. It taught me to live a more balanced life and to balance my academic and social life much better.

Mariska Pieterse, Gansbaai Academia

The Media24 Rachel's Angels programme gave me better direction in life. My results at school improved, because I learned how to find a better balance between academics and having a social life. It strengthened my resolve to study at CPUT.

Xavier Grandfield, Groenberg Secondary School

"I wouldn't be able to bridge the gap between school and University so easily without being part of the Media24 Rachel's Angels programme. The different workshops taught me many different perspectives and that hard work pays off."

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